The images on this page are from Roberts most recent exibition "Usual Place". This took place at the Central Library, Newcastle between 15th of February and the 1st of March. Larger images may be loaded by clicking on these small pictures. Unless stated otherwise all originals are water colours painted on "Half sheet" paper, roughly 22 by 15 inches (550 by 375 mm).
All images on this and dependent pages are copyright Robert A Oliver (e-mail "").

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Yellow Dress (Kings Street, South Shields)
Main street in South Shields which leads to the Market Square and Ferry Landing or the beach all depends on which way your facing, tried to capture the hustle and bustle on a Friday market day, woman in the bright yellow dress caught my attention so the sketch was built around her, happy shopper bag in her hand I wonder?
Market Square (South Shields)
Rapid watercolour on hot press Arches paper completed on site, just the bare bones sketched in then wet the paper and filled in the holes, tried to keep it  light and spontaneous to capture the feel of the Markets jumbled shapes and colours. Man walking passed with an old chair and tree branch struck in my memory so I  painted him in before I forgot, finished this painting very quickly as it was busy and a little chilly.
Rocks (St Marys Lighthouse, Whitley Bay.)
Painted from a smaller watercolour (10"x14")completed on the rocks just behind the Lighthouse on a very cold winters day, I was very nervous while sketching, you always feel that your going to be cut off by the tide or swept out to sea, even though I was just beside the stairs and the edge of the rocks were a good 20 metres away, I was glad to finish my painting and retire to the relative safety of the Lighthouse buildings.
Rendezvous Café (North Promenade, Whitley Bay.)
I noticed the name of this café as I walked passed, it said “Rendezvous Café “ and there wasn’t a sinner anywhere to be seen, of course it was Friday afternoon on a very cold and windy December day, the only life around was a couple walking there dogs about ½ a mile away and a few sea gulls keeping an eye on my chips. I like the shape of this building very low almost surreal razor sharpe edges, I think it was built in the late 20s or early 30s but I could be wrong.
Coxgreen School
Sketched on the way to Penshaw Monument through Bluebell Wood. A cold January morning, bright sunshine. Now derelict farm buildings. Sketched very quickly as I was heading for the Grey Horse for a pint. On the left is a golf course which wasn't very busy, not surprisingly.
Monument Mall
Cold morning very busy a lot of activity about, people and vans flying around delivering goods to the near by shops, dry brush Watercolour looking towards the Monument Mall and Dillions book store, I think this is the heart of the city and the best place to start when visiting Newcastle.
Morning Delivery
White van unloading books into Waterstones around lunch time. Just finished a sketch of Greys Monument The City works van was in front of the Monument promoting safe sex and giving away free condoms November 30th, very busy, the Christmas rush was on. The Monument is good place to spend a little time, sit down have a rest and watch the circus go by or just have your lunch.
Duke of Wellington (High Bridge Street)
Favourite pub in the town for a quiet pint after spending a few hours walking around, worked this painting up from a few smaller painting, sketched around lunch time. A lot of office workers heading towards the pubs, the Duke, Turks Head some good shapes hidden in this back street and a couple of  handy shops.
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