Derek Frost (1960 -)

I haven't much to say really. I was born and live in Washington new town. Actually in an old mining village called Fatfield. It was once part of the Durham coal field. A number of my relatives once worked down "The Pit". The local mine closed in 1962, and I have only the recollection of it being pulled down. Washington has become part of a Pseudo county called "Tyne and Wear", and the Durham coal field is now only history. Once a year, in July I think, there is still a Miner's Gala held in Durham. The "Durham big meeting" as it's called was organized by the mining unions and features Marching Brass Bands and heated union rhetoric. The meeting is still held but there are few miners bands left these days. If you're in the area why not visit the Beamish Open Air Museum. It's a little expensive but there are real working Trams, Steam trains and Horse drawn carriages.

As for me, I work from home and do a lot of travelling. I work with Informix and Unix most of the time, although I'm increasingly using Borland Delphi. This is my first attempt at designing a Web site. Netscape Composer did the HTML automatically. One day I hope to write a Java applet for my Web page, when I have time that is.