Robert A Oliver (1960 - )
Self Portrait 10 by 17 inches (250 by 425 mm) Acrylic on card.
What more can I say. First acrylic painting completed with three primary colours on plain card. One of my so called friends thought it would be a good idea to stick this one in even though I had quite a few pencil drawings to choose from.

I'm a local artist painting mostly industrial landscapes and seascapes from notation sketches done on location. Experimenting with mood and atmosphere, these painting represent a beginning - I consider myself at the embryonic stage of my development. I start with the notation sketch and complete a number of tonal working paintings to sort out a reasonable plan and idea of what I want to go for. Then I sketch it down and let the paint have as much freedom as possible. I love jig-saws, interlocking shapes and patterns that take you from one plan to another, diversifying in colour and form. American and English watercolourists have made a major impression on me. Especially the likes of Edgar A Whitney, Frank Webb, Don Stone and Edward Seego.

I try to make a pattern or sense out of everything I sketch. I think watercolour should be seen as a quick view or impression of a scene or figure, just suggesting an image, fluid and shifting, to take full advantage of the medium. Each of my paintings takes around 45 minutes to complete. I use only large brushes to try and keep from overworking the painting.

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